Who We Are


Teachers at Groovexone come from all walks of life, education and experience in Hip Hop dance.

Our teachers have first aid certificates, mandatory reporting and police security checks.

They continue to train or perform in dance either formally through various education systems or informally through interstate and overseas dance workshops. Each teacher brings their own unique style and interpretation of Hip Hop to Groovexone which enriches all our dancers at the studio.

Michelle Stabile

Groovexone Dance Director / Senior Dance Teacher / Choreographer

Michelle attended dance classes from the early age of 4 studying callisthenics, ballet, jazz and tap. Her first inspirations were MGM Hollywood Musicals and their artists like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse and Anne Miller. Michelle loved dancing but never felt quite the classically trained kind of dancer. Until the late 1970’s and early 80’s when Break-dance, Michael Jackson and MTV burst on to the scene and she finally found the street funk dance style that suited her. Michelle continued her formal dance training at the Johnny Young / Mighty Good Talent School as well as becoming a self-taught street funk dancer at the time. She would and still soaks up any video clip or movie relating to break-dance and commercial dance. She also began to work as a freestyle dancer in the clubs around Adelaide.

Michelle continued more formal training with Rachel Symons (Theatrical Exams C.S.T.D) and Kylie Cunningham (Theatrical Dance Academy – Full Jazz Syllabus C.S.T.D.) Michelle currently attends as many hip hop workshops she can with international, interstate and local hip hop professionals. Most recently in 2016 with Mr Wiggles from the Electric Boogaloo’s and Rock Steady Crew. Michelle is an Affiliate Member of the Australian Teachers of Dancing (Affil ATOD). In 2016 she completed her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management

Michelle opened Groovexone in 2000 to begin teaching this dance style because she loved it so much and there didn’t seem to be any dance classes out there at the time for this style. Michelle’s passion is developing all Groovexoners in their love of Hip Hop Dance and music.

Michelle loves the fact the hip hop community is growing in Adelaide. She is excited that today’s generation has hip hop delivered to its door through a computer screen from the other side of the world and the many more opportunities that are coming our way unlike back in the day. Michelle’s hip hop dance style is mainly Street Funk but loves Old, Middle & New School Hip Hop dance with elements of the original hip hop dance form break-dance. It all depends on the music and how it moves you to get you in the ‘’Groovexone”.

Alana Tedesco

Senior Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Alana’s beginnings in dance were in Hip Hop at the age of 10 with Groovexone. Alana loves to perform as can be seen in her energy and enthusiasm when she dances. She has completed SACE Stage 1 & 2 dance in 2010 & 2011. In 2012 she completed the Certificate IV in Dance at Gravity Dance Studios. This training helped Alana adopt other dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, ballet and breakdance. Alana continues her dance training through Groovexone & attending workshops run local, interstate and overseas artists. Learning from amazing choreographers like Ian Eastwood, Les Twins, Chachi Gonzales, Lyle Beniga, Eddie Morales and Mike Song just to name a few. Alana’s goal in 2014 is to travel to America and soak up the Dance Scene with as many choreographers as possible and then look at where that will take her.

Alana has won the Groovexone Student of the Year award in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Alana started student teaching in 2009 and made the transition to the teaching faculty in 2011. Alana is also part of our Administration team and Workshop team that goes out to teach Hip Hop at and through council funded programs.

Alana’s initial inspiration to start dance was seeing Alyson Stoner dancing in one of Missy Elliott's video clips. Her dance inspirations are the LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers), I.Am.Me, 8 Flavahz and MosWantedCrew. Alana’s main choreography is new school style but also likes to have elements of street funk and commercial hip hop dance and isn’t afraid to mix various hip hop styles together.

Emelia “Millie” Williams

Intermediate Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Millie has long felt a strong draw towards hip hop dance and music. She was unable to put a name to the style until she watched ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ and was inspired by routines choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon and dancers such as Twitch of Season 3. Once Millie commenced her dance journey in 2012 she has never looked back and is speeding ahead full throttle. She has organised and led groups of dancers since 2012, most notably in a 40 strong flashmob of ‘Gangnam Style’ at the Central Market. Millie enjoys dancing as part of a group, and has been a member of up to 4 dance crews at a time!

Millie strongly believes in gaining dance knowledge from as many sources as possible, taking classes and workshops from teachers all over Adelaide. She also jumps at every opportunity to learn from visiting dancers from interstate and overseas. She has learned from notable dancers such as Hilty & Bosch, Dumbo (Poreotics), Les Twins, Brian Puspos, Ryan Carr (ZBOYS), Dave Scott, and Big Pat (Philippine Allstars).

Millie’s passion is for Old School hip hop and 90s party dancing, as well as funk styles like popping and locking. Her aim is to introduce her students to the fun, freedom and creativity of street dance, and to encourage them to contribute their own thoughts and ideas to routines.

Millie will soon complete a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training and hopes to work with service and guide dogs in the future. In 2017 Millie plans to continue her dance training with classes, workshops and competing in Battlegrounds with her crew Tektonix.

Vincent “Winnie” Thien Vi Bui

Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Vincent aka Winnie is a multi-style dancer that focuses on urban style choreography, break, popping, locking and krump. Vincent has always represented in competitions, battles locally and interstate. At the beginning of 2016 Vincent was recruited to freaksEVO and quickly became a senior member of the crew. He is now making the progression in 2017 as an Inductee into the Freak Elites crew.

Vincent competes with Tektonix crew at Battlegrounds Adelaide Open division placing 4th (2014) and 3rd (2015) and qualifying to World Supremacy Battlegrounds with the crew in 2015.

Vincent has competed in many hip hop and break battles. He came first place at the 2014 all style rookie battle. He was the runner up at the 2 v 2 Purefunk all style battle, placed top 5 in Battlegrounds all style state championship.

Vincent continues to drive himself and his crew mates to further educate themselves in all the elements of hip-hop as a culture by mentoring others, teaching, showcase/performing as well as djing. Vincent looks forward to improving his own style and is motivated by leading the younger generation in the dance community.

Chev aka Chev “Impala” Palada

Dance Teacher/Choreographer/Crew Choreographer

Chev's is a multi-dimensional dancer who is affluent in the styles of breaking, popping, lock, krump, waack, vogue, hip hop/party dance, urban and also acrobatics.

Chev has performed, choreographed and taught dance in the Philippines since 2007. He has won numerous awards in his home country in such competitions as Dinagyang 2nd place (2007), Fubu Hip hop dance championships regional champion (2008), Globe dance championships 2nd place (2008) and Guimaras Dance Championship 1st place (2008)

Chev set out to start a new life in a new country and came to Australia in 2012. He came into the dance community making a name for himself by coming 2nd place in the first ever allstyles battle (2012), 2nd place GB allstyles battle (2013). He has participated and helped choreograph in various crews around Adelaide and competing and placing 1st Place Open Battlegrounds champion (2014), 2nd place Groundbreakers (2015) and most recently 3rd place in Battlegrounds Open division with Guidance crew (2016).

In the last 4 years he was recruited and trained as a senior member with Adelaide’s Freak Elites crew and now mentors to freaksEvo crew members.

In 2016 Chev has taught in numerous schools and academy's programs where his wealth of knowledge and passion for dance/development had promoted hard work ethic through hip hop culture.

Chev is always living by the hip hop culture of peace, love, unity, having fun and giving back to the Hip Hop community.

Melissa Valentyn

Dance Teacher

Melissa began dancing at the age of 4 with Dare to Dance and has now been dancing for 17 years. As a child she took Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz classes but found that my true passion lies with Hip Hop. Melissa has been teaching Hip Hop and Contemporary (ATOD Syllabus) for the past seven years, working with children from 4 years old to 16 years old.

Melissa is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Middle) at the University of South Australia. She enjoys sharing her passion and love for dance with those around her. Dancing has allowedher to learn about her limitations and strengths, her ability to cope with adversity and given her the persistence to get further than she ever thought she could. For Melissa, dancing is not just a sport she goes to each week but her passion and defines who she is.

Melissa is very excited to be joining the Groovexone teaching teamthis year and can’t wait to see what the dancing year brings!