Levels and Formats


Groovexone classes can consist of Street dance, Commercial Hip Hop and You Tube Hip Hop.

  • Classes begin with a warm up of exercises.
  • Then we move into Hip Hop moves such as street dance and video clip inspired moves to get you in the groove.
  • Then "THE DANCE".  We perform a dance that is inspired by the latest Top 40 Hip Hop, Soul, R'n'B Hip Hop Artists of the "old", "middle" and "new" schools.
Yellow B-Girl


Classes are split into five levels:

  1. Beginner
  2. Beginner/Intermediate
  3. Intermediate
  4. Intermediate/Advanced
  5. Advanced

For a Timetable and Pricing Schedule, please see the Timetable page.

Class Format

Classes are catered to the teachers/choreographers dance experience and hip hop style/s.

Teachers informally assess students dance abilities and bring in the relevant warm up exercises, Hip Hop moves and routines to build students abilities in Hip Hop dance.

Students will be required to adapt to the teachers style and then bring in their abilities and personal style to what they have been given in class.

Young Breakdancing Boy


All students have the ability to perform in our Term 3 Dance Jam Show and Term 4 Awards Night.  A costume will need to be purchased to perform in the shows.  More experienced dancers may be given the opportunity to perform outside of the scope of the studio if asked by the Dance Director.


Students are placed in competitions if an adequate number of students show interest, dedication and commitment. Students must audition and be enrolled in a class at Groovexone to participate in competitions.


Students must be a minimum age of 10 years and be enrolled in a class at Groovexone to attend Hip Hop Exams. Exceptions are under the Dance Directors discretion and students must have experience and show technique if attending from outside of the studio.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available depending on teacher availability and studio vacancy.

Workshops (Interstate & Overseas Artists)

Groovexone students who show the ability to pick up choreography quickly have the opportunity to attend interstate and overseas artists workshops.  These are attended at various dance schools around Adelaide organised by various overseas, interstate and local promoters.

Workshops (Groovexone to you)

Groovexone can offer workshops to your school or organisation.  Prices for workshops depend on your requirements and distance of travel.