What is Hip Hop ?

Hip Hop was developed in the streets of New York in the late 70’s and exploded commercially in the early 80’s.

The true form of hip hop dance is Breakdancing. It was a way in which the youth of the day could express themselves through battling each other through breakdancing in the streets.

The unique aspect of hip hop dance is it is a freestyle form of dance created by the dancers improvisational skills.

The Dance Form

The dance form then progressed into various Street Funk Styles of Popping, Locking, Waving, Tutting, Ticking and Gliding.

The dance industry, birth of MTV and explosion of the Michael Jackson phenomenon of the early 80’s then used this style for video clips in the form of Jazz Funk.

These Hip Hop styles which are mainly used in commercial dance schools today are known as fad dances or popularised dance moves.

Hip Hop Dance Today

Today Hip Hop dance and culture has spread all over the world for everyone to enjoy and be a part of.

This has sprouted other hybrid dance forms such as Krumping, Regatton, Tecktonik, New Style and Lyrical Hip Hop and continues to change and evolve.

Join Us

We look forward to seeing where Hip Hop dance goes next and hope you will be there to join us in it.